Gynaecology and obstetrics

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The laboratory accepts clients and patients in person strictly by prior appointment. To apply for a visit, write to or call us 26267833! We recommend that you perform the DNA test remotely. More information here.

Medical DNA tests for pregnant women

dns testi grūtniecēm, nipt tests, bērna dzimuma noteikšana

The GenEra Laboratory offers a variety of DNA tests related to gynecology and obstetrics. The most common tests are testing of the baby's rhesus factor and thrombophilia risk assessment DNA test. Also, test to reveal the sex of the baby. We offer the best non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT) on the market - "Panorama."

  • Most DNA tests are available free of charge (paid for by the NHS) if you have a referral from a specialist. The referral has to be issued at a state-paid visit 
  • Remote DNA tests are available also for pregnant women. Your attending physician can order a remote sampling kit. Remote sampling means that you can have your blood collected for the DNA test during your routine visit. Postage is paid by GenEra Laboratory. Please note that the additional time required for sending the samples must be added to the total testing time.
  • You can also arrive for sampling at any of the Central Laboratory branches. In this case, please contact us in advance so we can send the special sampling kit to your chosen location. 
  • The thrombophilia test does not require a blood sample, therefore the sampling can be done remotely, by filling the form (for a test paid for by the NHS), or by ordering a paid test in the e-shop