Prices for GenEra services

  Medical tests with the referral of the respective specialist are paid for by the NHS.


Tests are paid for by the NHS only if the patient has been to an NHS-paid visit and the medical specialist has issued a referral during the visit. List of specialists: geneticist, oncologist, oncologist-chemotherapist, haematologist, paediatric haematologist-oncologist, hepatologist, endocrinologist, gastroenterologist, infectiologist, gynaecologist, obstetrician, neurologist, immunologist, allergist, neurosurgeon, paediatrician, or radiology specialist. Only a urologist, andrologist or geneticist can refer to a state (NHS) paid “Y chromosome microdeletion DNA test.”

  • The accepted testing materials include both buccal swabs (saliva samples) and blood. For some tests (during pregnancy) we take blood samples.

  • The prices for medical tests do not include VAT (which does not apply to them), kinship and paternity prices include VAT, while the prices for other laboratory services do not (and are added to the final price).