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About GenEra laboratory

SIA "GenEra" was founded on June 26 2001. The laboratory has been specializing in molecular genetics or DNA testing already for 20 years.

Our mission is to help improve the quality of life with knowledge provided by genetic information. SIA “GenEra” team works based on the following values:

To know. The main motivation of our team of experts is to know and understand more every day.

Bioloģiskās radniecības DNs testi





To help. In co-operation with scientists and experts, we help people to learn more about their bodies and take care of their health.



GenEra laboratorija

To live. We believe that knowledge of our body is an important prerequisite for a better quality of life. We invest energy to provide a convenient, thoughtful and safe services.

SIA GenEra is registered in the Register of Medical Institutions of the Health Inspectorate of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Latvia under number 019268301. Since 2014, the laboratory has been accredited according to the requirements of the LVS EN ISO 15189:2013 standard in the field of “Molecular biological testing of human-derived material.”


The “GenEra” Laboratory has four main focuses:

Bioloģiskās radniecības DNs testi

1. Biological kinship testing

The “GenEra” Laboratory is often contacted by customers who want to establish a biological relationship between two or more individuals. We offer both standard paternity/maternity testing, and distant kinship testing (grandparents-grandchildren, half-siblings, aunts, uncles, nieces/nephews, etc.).

We offer this type of testing both anonymously (also remotely), and for resolving legal issues in court. “GenEra” is the only private laboratory in Latvia, that provides testing reports, which are recognized in Latvian courts, because only our laboratory employs private forensic experts who have a certificate in the specialty “DNA genotyping of human biological material.”

We currently have four such specialists:

  • Ilze Radoviča-Spalviņa - certificate No. 2106030049;
  • Inta Vasiļjeva - certificate No. 2006030119;
  • Alīna Grante - certificate No.1906030106;
  • Inna Iņaškina - certificate No. 2006030118.

More information on kinship testing is available here.


2. Medical tests for diagnosis and risk assessment

SIA “GenEra” offers its customers and patients medical DNA tests for various purposes. Our range of tests includes diagnostic tests for several frequent diseases, as well as we identify or exclude the risk of specific and rather rare diseases. 

SIA “GenEra” also has a contractual relationship with the National Health Service (NHS). Most medical tests are paid for by the state with a referral from a specialist doctor.

Most of the genetic tests available worldwide can also be performed here - in Latvia, in the “GenEra” Laboratory.  If you or your patient need a specific genetic test but the test is not listed on our website and price list, it does not mean that we cannot perform it. For specific tests, please contact us by writing to info@genera.lv, or contact us on our website under the section “Contact us.”

We actively cooperate with the Rare Diseases Coordination Center, and some of the tests for rare disease patients are performed with us.

We test for mutation carriers - if a genome-related variation has been identified in your family, such as a variation in the BRCA1 gene, and you need to learn if the particular variation is also in your genome, we can help with the needed information. In this case, we will need information from your doctor with the name of the mutation, or a referral from the specialists-geneticists of the Rare Diseases Coordination Center.

A list of the tests offered by SIA “GenEra” Laboratory is available here. If you do not find the test you need, please contact us, since we devote a lot of work to the development of individual tests.

Bioloģiskās radniecības DNs testi

3. Veterinary DNA tests 

From 2021, SIA “GenEra” offers new and innovative tests in Latvia - genetic testing for our four-legged friends - dogs and cats. We perform various DNA tests for the peculiarities of animal coat color and traits, congenital/inherited genetic disorders, as well as for the determination of kinship. More than 300 tests are available. More information at www.vetgen.eu.


GenEra Veterinārie DNS testi


4. Wellness tests for health and well-being

The “GenEra” Laboratory offers genetic nutritional DNA testing with a following personalized diet and physical activity plan based on the person’s individual nutrigenetic profile by analyzing the genes involved in metabolism.  Tailored healthy lifestyle recommendations, insights, and the latest nutritional research allow you to take personal nutrition and physical activity to a new level of effectiveness and guaranteed results.

“GenEra” Laboratory employs a nutritionist with several years of experience in developing genetically based diet and physical activity plans. GenEra also provides advice and training to other nutritionists who want to develop their knowledge and use nutrigenetics in practice.

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