Gut microbiome test Gutwell®

Gutwell zarnu mikrobioma tests


  • Which bacteria live in your gut?
  • How do these bacteria affect and influence your body?
  • Is there enough good bacteria in your gut?
  • Do you have any harmful bacteria in your gut?
  • Does your gut bacteria favor obesity?
  • Is your gut microbiome balanced, or do you need changes in your dietary habits?
  • How to achieve a balanced gut microbiome?

Microbiome analysis is a new scientific approach to assessing health and dietary habits. Gut microbiome test results help to build a conscious diet to prevent health problems and illnesses.

Zarnu mirkobioma tests

The Gutwell ® microbiome test provides information about gut bacteria - their quantity and diversity, as well as guidelines on how to achieve and maintain balanced gut microflora.

Gut microbiome test will be helpful for anyone trying to lose weight by following strict diets or suffering from digestive problems. Or simply for those wanting to know if their diet is rich and diverse, and what to do to make the gut microbiome beneficial for improving and maintaining health. The test helps to build conscious nutritional habits and prevent diseases or health problems that can be caused by unbalanced gut microflora. 

Gut microflora isn't just the probiotics that seems to have been heard most about. It's just a small fraction of the all bacteria in our gut that work for our body.

How it happens:

  • Purchase the test in our e-commerce shop;
  • After payment is made, we'll send out a sample collection kit with instructions to the address you specify. Since the kit is in the box, you will receive it at the nearest post office. Once the samples have been collected and the ordering form filled, everything should be placed in the envelope attached to the kit and sent to our partner laboratory in Estonia. (with Latvijas Pasts services, sending will cost a couple of euros).
  • Once the samples arrive in the laboratory, a gut microbiome analysis will be conducted, taking an average of 14-20 working days. 
  • Rezultātus saņemsiet no GenEra laboratorijas pārskata veidā uz norādīto e-pastu. Pārskatā iekļauts kopējā mikrobioma analīzes apraksts, apraksti par baktērijām, to sastāvu un daudzveidību Jūsu mikrobiomā, kā arī ieteikumi uztura paradumu maiņai, lai sasniegtu līdzvsarotu zarnu mikrofloru. You will receive the results from GenEra laboratory in the form of a digital report (PDF) to the e-mail provided. The report includes a description of the microbiome analysis, descriptions of the gut bacteria, their composition and diversity in your microbiome, and recommendations for changing dietary habits to achieve a balanced gut microflora.


The material used for testing is a stool sample that can be easily and discreetly taken at home.
It is recommended to take at least 2 microbiome tests, the second being taken about 2-6 months after the first test and recommended dietetic and lifestyle changes.

Gutwell zarnu mikrobioma tests

What is a microbiome?

A human microbiome is a collection of microorganisms inside and outside the body. Microorganisms are found in most parts of the body – skin, mucous membranes, intestines, etc. The greatest diversity of microorganisms is found directly in the gut.

Each person's microbiome is unique. The similarity of gut bacteria diversity between two people is only 10% to 20%.

The microbiome is closely linked to human health. Microorganisms break down fiber into important compounds involved in metabolic processes and the functioning of the immune system. In the microbiome, Bacteria living in our microbiome have 150 times more genes than a human.

What problems can arise when the gut microbiome is not balanced?

  • Digestion problems
  • Overweight
  • Allergies
  • Type II diabetes
  • Bowel diseases
  • Immune system diseases
  • Heart diseases
  • Nervous system diseases

How to keep your microbiome balanced? 


  • Healthy and diverse diet
  • Active lifestyle
  • Modest stress level
  • Low chemical usage

Because health starts in the gut

  • In-depth gut microbiome analysis with complete and clear interpretation of results

  • Individual nutrition recommendations that are easy to understand and implement

  • Simple and discreet sample collection process at home

  • The analysis is performed in an ISO-accredited medical laboratory with the highest standards


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