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Nākamās paaudzes sekvenēšana

We care about your pets!

SIA GenEra offers a range of genetic testing options for both cat and dog breeders and veterinarians, including DNA tests of genetic diseases, coat colour,  coat and fur type and properties.
Genetic testing of coat characteristics allows breeders to predict the phenotypes of potential offspring, increasing the chances of the most desirable types of animal fur.
DNA tests for genetic diseases can prove that an animal is not a carrier of a mutation that could be passed on to any offspring. Most of these genetic disorders are recessive and do not manifest, however, if both parents have these mutations, the disease can develop in their offspring.

By choosing the DNA tests offered by SIA GenEra and learning the genotype of a pet, it is possible to improve the health of purebred animals in several generations, avoiding unwanted diseases.

We guarantee that the genetic tests we offer are the most accurate way to test for possible genetic disorders and improve visual characteristics.

  Important to know!

All available veterinary DNA tests are performed remotely - animals are not admitted to the laboratory!

Selected tests can be purchased in our e-shop. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us!

SIA GenEra performs or organises almost any type of DNA testing

GenEra offers veterinary DNA tests for various needs. Because the service is new, your preferred DNA test may not be listed but that does not mean we can't perform it. For specific tests, please contact us by writing to or contact us on our website under the section "Contact us" you can find below. Please indicate the type of DNA test/disease/mutation, etc.

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