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SIA GenEra changes the usual visiting procedure!

The laboratory accepts clients and patients in person strictly by prior appointment. To apply for a visit, write us or call us  26267833!

We recommend remote DNA testing, by ordering an off-site sampling kit in our online store. Go to the selected DNA test section and add it to the cart. Complete the purchase and we will send you a full sampling kit. Please note that the additional time required for sending the samples must be added to the total testing time.

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With a doctor’s referral (for a complete list, see the “Prices”) section) medical DNA tests (except for the prenatal NIPT “Panorama” test for pregnant women) are paid for by the NHS. Important! The NHS only pays for the test if the referral is issued as part of an NHS-paid visit, and the doctor has a contract with the NHS. Referrals issued during a paid visit will not be valid. Quotas are available.


The sample for DNA testing can be submitted at any branch of our partner - Centrālajā laboratorijā.


You can also order all offered DNA tests at full price. Remote contactless testing is available for both paid and NHS-referred tests. All medical DNA tests can be performed remotely, except for tests on pregnant women, where a blood sample must be collected. 

SIA GenEra has prepared and uses two types of medical referral forms:

1. Referral to SIA GenEra for outpatient examinations — DNA testing (“Nosūtījums SIA GenEra laboratorijai uz ambulatorajiem izmeklējumiem — DNS analīzēm”)

A referral is absolutely necessary if the specialist doctor, who has a contract with the NHS (National Health Service), from a medical institution, which also has a contract with the NHS, refers the patient for NHS-paid DNA testing to GenEra. 

Nosūtījumi uz DNS testiem

The following required fields must be carefully filled in in the referral:   

  • referral date;

  • referral due date;

  • it must be indicated that the test will be paid by the NHS;

  • the requested information about the patient; and

  • the patient must also sign the referral that he/she agrees to undergo the prescribed DNA test and to receive the DNA test result, and agrees that the DNA test result is sent to the doctor;

  • the patient's diagnosis code;

    reason for testing;

  • information required by the referring doctor and the referring institution;

    number of DNA tests to be performed, the DNA test to be performed on the patient, on page 2 of the referral,

  • the referring doctor must sign the document.

The following specialists are eligible to refer for DNA tests paid for by the NHS: geneticist, oncologist, oncologist-chemotherapist, haematologist, paediatric haematologist-oncologist, hepatologist, endocrinologist, gastroenterologist, infectiologist, gynaecologist, obstetrician, neurologist, immunologist, allergist, neurosurgeon, paediatrician, or radiology specialist. Only a urologist, andrologist or geneticist can refer to a state (NHS) paid “Y chromosome microdeletion DNA test.”

Only a geneticist, gynaecologist, or obstetrician can refer a patient for a DNA test for the most common trisomy (for testing during pregnancy a sample of amniotic fluid or choroids is tested).

If the patient wants to pay for one of the DNA tests offered by GenEra him/herself, the referral is not mandatory but desirable.

2. Referral to GenEra for NIPT “Panorama” testing

NIPT “Panorama” is a paid service.  The referral should be used by doctors whose patient has chosen to undergo the non-invasive NIPT “Panorama” examination.

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  • Referrals, forms, and testing requests accepted at the GenEra laboratory

  • Other useful information for doctors, judges, clients, and patients


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