Medical DNA tests

   The widest range of DNA tests in Latvia and individual testing options 

   With a referral from a specialist, the analyses are paid for by the NHS

  Samples can be submitted remotely - by filling in a questionnaire if you have a referral, or by buying a paid test from the e-shop

  Testing takes place in GenEra Laboratory in Latvia, using state-of-the-art equipment and technology

  We provide almost any genetic test on-site or in collaboration with other laboratories

Medical DNA tests for diagnosis and risk assessment

Bioloģiskās radniecības noteikšanas testi

On a daily basis, most of the laboratory's time is spent directly carrying out medical genetic tests, both to diagnose diseases and to identify or rule out the risk of specific diseases. We are also the only laboratory in Latvia that offers carrier detection for specific gene mutations.

If the genetic testing you require is not listed on our website, we still might be able to offer the test. For specific tests, please contact us by writing to or contact us on our website under the section "Ask us!" Please specify the type of test/ gene/ mutation required, etc. 

Remote testing of medical DNA tests:

  • If you have a referral from a specialist for a test paid for by the NHS, please fill in the form to request a sample collection kit, 
  • If you will pay for the test yourself, please order it through the e-shop. After successful payment, we will send you a sampling kit,
  • Remote DNA testing is available also for pregnant women. The samples are collected at the doctor’s office. Please note that the special sampling kit must be ordered in advance. The kit will be delivered to the medical practice of your choice.  



  Attention! Changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic!

The laboratory accepts clients and patients in person strictly by prior appointment. To apply for a visit, write to or call us 26267833! We recommend that you perform the DNA test remotely. More information here.