Personalized nutritional DNA test

DNA test to analyze an individual genetic profile

  • Make lifestyle choices based in your genetics

  • Learn about your genes to make your body happy

  • An effective approach to improve health in long-term

  • Personalized diet and physical activity plan

  The test can be purchased online and performed remotely



  • Nutritional DNA testing offers easy-to-understand, in-depth genetic insights into the individual characteristics that will help you to personalize and improve your nutrition.
  • Review of the genetic metabolism profile with sound and practical recommendations on how to use the genetic profile on a daily basis, both in terms of eating and physical activity.
  • Motivation to take action and achieve the results you want. The most important thing is to improve your health and living standards in the long run.
Personalizēts uztura DNS tests


Many of us want to be healthier, slimmer, and more attractive, therefore it is worth learning how our genetic profile can help us live a better life and adapt the diet and physical activity so that it really works for us!

There have always been various options to achieve this - different diets, eating according to the phases of the moon, medications, food supplements, various sports, etc.

However, very often diligence and enthusiasm wane when the promised results are not achieved. Even more so if it works for someone else but not for you, which is also a common phenomenon. Many people turn to the Internet, looking for advice and suggestions, which often contradict each other. The person becomes confused, and in the worst-case comes to the conclusion that "Nothing helps me either way! There is no point in doing anything, my bad genes are to blame." 

The good news is that out there is an individual approach that works for each and every one! Including you!

The nutritional DNA test analyzes a number of genetic markers (SNPs) in different genes, which are involved in various metabolic regulation processes.

Based on your individual genetic characteristics, you can learn how to cook perfectly adapted meals to provide your body with optimal nutrients, thus improving your health in the long run. It cannot be compared to short-term diets, which can harm your health.

Movement also plays a vital role in helping our bodies become healthy and happy. People try to achieve the results quickly, following a diet and doing high-intensity workouts every day. This creates stress in the body since it is unable to rest and regenerate - after some time there is no strength, no energy, and even weight gain!

By knowing how certain genes work in your body, you can exercise wisely, doing what your body will accept and bring the desired results. One will achieve their goal by doing strength workouts, the other, by going on long walks. What works for one may not work for another, which also explains why the desired goal is often not achieved.

Test description

  1. The test must be purchased in the e-shop;

  2. After successful payment and following the receipt of the sample at the laboratory, we will begin the analysis of the genetic profile; the test usually takes up to 10 working days;

  3. When we receive and register the samples, you will receive a text message with the password to open the results;

  4. When the testing is complete, you will receive the results in the form of a 26-32 page digital report by e-mail.

NB. Unfortunately, the test with consultation is available only in latvian and russian languages, so only test with the report is available in english. Choose to buy from two options - small or big test.

Nutritional DNA tests

Price€ 135€ 109
OptionsDNA test (big)
with report
DNA test (small)
with report
DNA test resultsExplained and analyzed in the genetic profile report in digital form (PDF format)Explained and analyzed in the genetic profile report in digital form (PDF format)
Personalized dietary recommendations with nutrient distribution and calculations
Personalized physical activity recommendations with activity type and load
Number of markers (genes) analyzed in the DNA test10 (9)6 (5)


Important! - The test without consultation is suitable for those who want to lose weight and live a healthy life.

P.S. There are no prohibited products in this type of diet. The most important aspect is the amount and the proportions of nutrients for each individual.

What is a genetic metabolism profile report?

Your best friend to achieve your goals!

  • In the overview of your metabolic genotype or genetic profile, you will learn the most suitable methods for you both in terms of nutrition and physical activity.

  • Your personal report will make lifestyle recommendations based on the analyzed genes.

  • Better yet - you won't have to calculate anything! We will calculate both the required proportions of nutrients and the total number of required calories per day. It all is transformed into portions that are easy and clear to understand.

  • In addition to dietary recommendations, you will also receive recommendations for physical activities - exercise and the type of activity that is most suitable for you.

  • All recommendations are scientific and evidence-based.

Personalizēts uztura DNS tests

Genes analyzed in the nutrition test

A total of 11 markers in 10 genes involved in our metabolic processes are analyzed. They are:

  • PPARG - It participates in the formation of adipose tissue. If the food is in abundance, it provides the conversion of excess energy into fat. Variations in this gene not only increase the risk of type 2 diabetes but also are related to an elevated weight which is harder to lose.
  • ADRB2 - It is located on the surface of adipose cells and is involved in the mobilization of fat for energy production. Variations in this gene are associated with an increased risk of obesity, abdominal obesity, and obesity if a person stays on a high carbohydrate diet.
  • ADRB3 - It is involved in fat breakdown - lipolysis processes. Variations in this gene are associated with obesity in people with a sedentary lifestyle. Successful weight loss can only be achieved through exercise.
  • FTO “HUNGER GENE”. - People with variations in this gene eat more because the feeling of satiety is delayed. They prefer products with high fat content, and sweets, even immediately after a meal.
  • APOA2 - Variations in this gene cause people who eat saturated fats to gain excessive weight. It is recommended to reduce not only the total amount of fat in the diet but also the proportion of fat.
  • PPARA - Variations are associated with dyslipidemia. Individuals with variations in this gene are recommended cholesterol-lowering diets and low-fat diets.
  • FABP2 - It regulates the absorption of fat in the small intestine. Variations in this gene are associated with increased fat absorption, and therefore a higher body mass index.
  • TCF7L2 - Variations in this gene are associated with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes. A Mediterranean diet is recommended for people with variations in this gene.
  • LCT LACTOSE INTOLERANCE - Variations in this gene cause a partial or complete deficiency of the enzyme called lactase, which can make a person feel unwell - frequent bloating, diarrhea, abdominal pain. People with this deficiency must exclude from the diet milk and milk products that contain lactose throughout their life.
  • MTHFR - It is involved in vitamin B9 (folic acid) metabolism. Variants in this gene cause the accumulation of homocysteine, which can be corrected by dietary supplementation with folic acid.

The nutritional DNA test (small) analyzes 6 markers in 5 genes - 

  • PPARG,
  • ADRB2 (1) un ADRB2 (2),
  • ADRB3,
  • FABP2. 

The nutritional DNA test (big) analyzes 10 markers in 9 genes - 

  • PPARG,
  • ADRB2 (1) un ADRB2 (2),
  • ADRB3,
  • FABP2,
  • APOA2,
  • PPARA,
  • TCF7L2,

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