Personalized nutritional DNA test

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Personalized nutritional DNA test

Metabolic DNA test and a nutrition and physical activity program based on your individual DNA characteristics or nutrigenetic profile!

Learn how your nutrigenetic profile can significantly improve your lifestyle by adjusting your diet and physical activity.

Who wouldn’t want to be healthy, slim, and good-looking? Many people are trying to achieve it! And if there is demand, there is supply. There are plenty of options: different diets, eating according to the phases of the moon, medications, food supplements, various sports etc. People often begin some of the above activities with high hopes, dedication, enthusiasm, and determination, but over time the expected results are achieved only by a few. Those who have failed, in turn, try to understand the reasons for it. Some admit that they have been lazy — but what if, for example, you exercise regularly, follow a proper diet, but simply won’t lose weight? Also, if a friend does the same and goes slimmer with each passing month? You get a feeling that something is wrong. Then you go look up stuff on the internet, to find suggestions, tips and various publications that often contradict each other. You feel confused and, at best, see a specialist for help, and at worst, come to the conclusion, that nothing can help, there is no point in doing anything, and bad genes are to blame. And you give up.

SIA GenEra offers an effective solution, the “Nutritional DNA test” which analyses several genetic markers (SNP) in different genes, which, in turn, are involved in various metabolic regulation processes.

Listen to your genes and discover a whole new level in cooking your daily meals and planning physical activities. Based on your individual genetic characteristics, you can learn how to perfectly adapt the meals for your body with the appropriate proportion of macronutrients, thus improving your health in the long run. This can't be compared to any short-term diet! On the contrary, those diets can harm your health.

Physical activity also plays an important role in helping our bodies be healthy and happy. People try to achieve the results quickly, following a diet and doing high-intensity workouts every day. That causes high stress to the body, and often the person soon gives up because their body needs to rest and regenerate: they have no energy to continue, while the weight increases (which is only normal at heavier physical loads and starting to exercise). By knowing how certain genes work in your body, you can exercise wisely, doing what your body will accept and bring the desired results. One will achieve their goal by doing strength workouts, the other, by going on long walks. What works for one may not work for another, which also explains why the desired goal is often not achieved.

For this reason, SIA GenEra offers a nutritional DNA test in combination with a nutritionist’s consultation, during which an individual and adapted nutrition and physical activity schedule is developed providing the client with even better results and knowledge on how to use the nutritional profile. Important! It can only be provided by a specialist who specializes in genetics, human physiology, and nutrition. Our  speciāliste ir Kristīne Sekace who has a master’s degree in nutrition.

P.S. This is not a test for food intolerance! There are no prohibited products in this type of diet. The most important aspect is the amount and the proportions of nutrients for each individual. The only intolerance that is included in this test is genetic lactose intolerance.

Personalizēts uztura DNS tests

How it is done:

  • Apply for the sampling (oral swab, i.e. the so-called “saliva sample”) at SIA GenEra by writing to (you will have to state your name, surname, age, telephone number, and the preferred date and time of the laboratory visit), or by calling +371 26267833;

  • At the agreed time, go to GenEra and submit the sample for testing;

  • Make the payment, after which we will begin DNA testing, which takes 10 working days;

  • After sampling, you will be issued a nutrition diary, which you must fill in at least 3 days before the visit to the nutritionist and bring with you to the consultation;

  • You will be registered for a consultation with nutritionist Kristīne Sekace. You can apply for a consultation as soon as the testing is complete;

  • See nutritionist Kristīne Sekace at the agreed time. During the consultation, the nutritionist will analyse your three-day nutrition diary, clarify medical history, assess weight loss attempts, perform anthropometric measurements with the bioimpedance method, explain the DNA test results, and create a personalized diet and physical activity program. Keep in mind that the consultation will be 1.5 hours long.

It is also possible to undergo the nutritional DNA test remotely by purchasing the test at our online shop. We will send you a sampling kit. You can take the sample at home, then send it us, along with the necessary documentation. We will perform the analysis of the nutritional profile, and once the results are ready, you will get a consultation with the nutritionist. 

Your benefits:

  1. Metabolic DNA testing offers easy-to-understand, in-depth genetic insights into the individual characteristics that will help you personalize and improve your nutrition.

  2. You will receive high-quality advice from a nutritionist and practical information on how to use your nutritional profile on a daily basis, both in terms of eating and physical activity. 

  3. Motivation to take action and achieve the results you want. Most importantly, to improve your standard of living in the long run.

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