• Certified clinical diagnostics laboratory

  • Certified clinical diagnostics laboratory



  • SIA GenEra was founded on 26.06.2001. It was founded by natural persons and the Latvian Biomedical Research and Study Centre. SIA GenEra is a laboratory specialising in molecular genetics testing.
  • SIA GenEra is a certified diagnostic laboratory, and it is registered with the Register of Medical Institutions of the Health Inspectorate of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Latvia with number 019268301.
  • Since 2014, the laboratory is accredited according to the requirements of the LVS EN ISO 15189:2013 standard in the field of molecular biological testing of human material.
  • SIA GenEra has contractual relations with the National Health Service (NHS).
  • The laboratory offers medical DNA tests – paid both by individuals and by the NHS.
  • The laboratory carries out paternity DNA tests: both legally valid and anonymous. We also offer maternity DNA tests.
  • The laboratory employs three certified private court experts with the field of expertise “Determination of DNA Genotype of Human Biological Material”:

Inna Iņaškina certificate No.1506030114, valid until 29.11.2020

Inta Vasiļjeva certificate No.1506030113, valid until 29.11.2020

Ilze Radoviča certificate No. 1606030053, valid until 13.11.2021