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Personalized Diet DNA test

Personalised nutrition DNA test for weight adjustment.

Who of us does not want to be healthy, slim and attractive? Everybody does. And if there is a demand – there is also an offer. A wide range of options are available: all types of diets, eating according to the moon phases, medicines, dietary supplements, and various sports activities, etc. Most people start these activities with high expectations, dedication, enthusiasm, determination, but as time goes by, only about one third of them reach the expected results. Those who have not been successful try to understand the reasons why. Some admit that they have been lazy. But what to do if people are eating healthy and doing sports, but the weight still won't go down? And if a friend who is doing the same things gets slimmer every month? There is a feeling that something is being done incorrectly. So people start reading tips, advice and various publications that are available on the Internet and often contradict each other. In this avalanche of information, the reader gets confused, and in the best scenario looks for a specialist’s advice, but in the worst case - comes to the conclusion “Nothing works, it is not even worth trying, it’s all because of my bad genes”. And no longer even tries.

Taking into account that we are all different - what works for one person may not help and may even harm another, GenEra Laboratory offers an effective solution - the Nutrition DNA Test, which analyses a number of genetic markers (SNPs) in seven different genes, which in turn are involved in various metabolic regulation processes. The acquired result allows you to create an individual, personalised diet and physical activity programme, but it can only be done by a specialist in genetics, human physiology and nutrition. Our specialist – Kristīne Sekace, Master in Nutrition Science.

Price: EUR 140.00 (the price includes the Nutrition DNA Test + nutrition specialist’s consultation - consultations in Latvian and Russian)

How it works:

  1. You should make an appointment for giving a sample (smear from the oral mucosa, i.e., a “saliva sample”) for the Nutrition DNA Test at GenEra Laboratory, Rātsupītes iela 1 k-1, Riga, by calling 67425241 or writing to info@genera.lv. Please specify the given name, surname, age, telephone number of the person who will perform the Nutrition DNA Test, and the date and time of the visit to the laboratory.
  2. During the GenEra Laboratory visit, when you give your sample for the Nutrition DNA Test:
  • You will be given a nutrition diary, which should be completed for at least 3 days (preferably on working days) before your visit to the nutrition specialist. Please take the diary along when you come to the visit;
  • You will be signed up for a consultation with nutrition specialist Kristīne Sekace;
  • You will have to pay EUR 140.00;
  1. You should visit the nutrition specialist, Kristīne Sekace, at the agreed time. The following will be performed during your visit: analysis of your three-day nutrition diary, your medical history, your weight loss attempts; the specialist will also perform anthropometric measurements with the bioimpedance method, explain the results of the DNA test and, based on all the information obtained, draw up a personalised diet and exercise programme individually for you. Consultations in Latvian and Russian!

Your benefits

  1. You will receive a comprehensive nutrition specialist’s consultation and practical recommendations based on your genetic peculiarities - the results of the Nutrition DNA Test;
  2. Motivation to act in order to achieve the desired results!