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NIPT “Panorama” is a non-invasive prenatal screening test

NIPT “Panorama” is a non-invasive prenatal screening test

possible already from the 10th week of pregnancy.

A non-invasive screening of most common fetal chromosomal abnormalities – safe to both the mother and the baby. The test involves testing of free placental DNA that circulates in the pregnant woman’s blood.

Screening determines the following risks to the fetus:

  • trisomy of chromosome 21 – Down syndrome;
  • trisomy of chromosome 18 – Edwards syndrome;
  • trisomy of chromosome 13 – Patau syndrome;
  • monosomy X – Turner syndrome;
  • triploidy, vesicular mola.

Compared to the first-trimester screening, NIPT has higher sensitivity and significantly fewer false positive results in determining the most common aneuploidies. A higher PPV (positive predictive value) = less stress for a patient.

GenEra NIPT “Panorama” can also be performed in case of twin pregnancies and artificial insemination (donated eggs).

In case of twin pregnancy, in addition to the above, the following indicators are determined to make it easier for a gynaecologist to manage the pregnancy:

  • zygocity;
  • individual fetal fraction calculation for each twin;
  • the sex of each fetus;
  • probability of monosomy X for each twin.

The test is not informative in case of pregnancy with the so-called vanishing twin or pregnancy with more than two fetuses, as well as in twin pregnancies through donated eggs.

NIPT test is recommended in the following cases:

  • pregnancy in women aged over 35 years;
  • women with history of trisomy pregnancy;
  • results of biochemical tests or USG inadequate for the stage of pregnancy;

and for every pregnant woman who wants to check baby's health.

To apply for a laboratory visit and give a sample for a test, please call: +371 67425241 or send the following information to info@genera.lv: the test to be performed, given name and surname, year of birth of the person to undergo the test, preferred date and time of laboratory visit, and phone number.