• Certified clinical diagnostics laboratory

  • Certified clinical diagnostics laboratory


DNA tests (analyses) are not performed frequently, and therefore there is a number of questions associated with these tests. In this section of the website, we will try to answer frequently asked questions. If you do not find the answer to your question here, please email us at info@genera.lv or call +371 67425241; +371 26267833.

1. “Can I have breakfast before giving a sample for a DNA test?”

You can eat, but you must observe the time interval between your last meal and the moment of giving your sample for a DNA test. The preferred time interval is 30 minutes. Exception - children who eat breast milk. For them, the time interval between a meal when they have had breastmilk and the time of giving their sample must be 30 minutes; ideally – 1 hour or more. This is because mother's milk also contains mother's DNA. The time interval is required to ensure that the smear taken from the baby's oral mucosa (in case of small children, it is the most common way to take a sample for a DNA test) does not contain other person’s (mother’s) DNA.

2. “How long will I have to wait for the test result?”

The wait time for each specific DNA test result is most clearly indicated on the GenEra Laboratory price page. Generally, for medical DNA tests it is 10 working days (but there are some exceptions), for paternity/maternity DNA tests – 5 working days (from the date of payment).

3. “Is it necessary to sign up for the test in advance?”

Prior appointment is mandatory for a laboratory visit on Saturdays (on the second Saturday of each month, GenEra Laboratory receives patients only with a prior appointment). On weekdays it is desirable to make an appointment, especially for pregnant women. It is more convenient for visitors, and laboratory staff can plan their work and time more efficiently.