Interpretation of results

Amniocentēzes materiāla trisomiju tests

If the tick test is “POSITIVE” for any of the infectious agents tested, it does not mean that you are necessarily infected with the pathogen found:

  • The shorter the time the infected tick has been attached, the lower the risk of infection;

  • With such a result, your health should be monitored closely to detect the first symptoms as soon as possible and to start appropriate treatment.

If the tick test is “NEGATIVE” to any of the infectious agents tested, it does not mean that you will definitely not get any of the tick-borne infectious diseases because:

  • The test result does not rule out the possibility that you have been bitten by another, unnoticed, infected tick;

  • The tick may also carry other pathogens that cannot identified using this test but can cause infectious diseases;

  • Tick bites can also cause local infections and allergic reactions;

  • If the pathogen tested in the tick has been at a very low concentration (for example, if the tick has been dead for a long time and stored improperly), the test result may also be a false negative.


In any case, if you have any symptoms, consult your doctor without waiting for the test results!

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