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The laboratory accepts clients and patients in person strictly by prior appointment. To apply for a visit, write us or call us  26267833!

We recommend remote DNA testing, by ordering an off-site sampling kit in our online store. Go to the selected DNA test section and add it to the cart. Complete the purchase and we will send you a full sampling kit. Please note that the additional time required for sending the samples must be added to the total testing time.

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P.S. For a legally valid paternity/maternity DNA test the test subjects must arrive in person, unless the sampling is performed by a forensic expert outside the laboratory, during a court hearing etc.! 

Paternity/maternity tests are performed when it is necessary to find the biological origin of the child

Paternity/maternity tests are performed when it is necessary to find the biological origin of the child

The test is based on the fact that everyone inherits half of their DNA molecules (chromosomes) from the mother, and half, from their father. To determine the biological origin of a child, the molecular DNA profiles of the possible father, child, and mother are compared. The DNA profile (STR genotype) is almost unique for everyone, and the probability that two non-blood-related men will have an identical DNA profile is minuscule. This property of DNA profiles is also used in a paternity test to determine a child’s biological origin.

In our laboratory, a paternity/maternity test can be performed to resolve legal matters (collection of alimony). If the test is ordered by a court, the results are analysed, interpreted, and signed by certified forensic experts. This test can also be ordered anonymously, for your own information. If the clients come to the laboratory,   we usually sample oral mucosa, which is an absolutely safe and painless procedure. 

The accuracy of the paternity test is directly proportional to the number of DNA regions (loci) to be tested

Until recently, DNA profiles with 10 DNA loci were compared in paternity tests in Latvia. Nowadays, the best method for testing paternity is the DNA profile, in which at least 15 DNA loci are compared in the samples of the man, child and mother. At GenEra, the results are compared at 24 loci, which makes our test highly accurate. Besides, if necessary, we can add 9 more loci to this test. Loci to be analysed are determined by international forensic institutions, and today, almost all laboratories test the same set of loci (although the number of loci may vary for each test), meaning that results are often compatible.

Registered and accredited paternity testing method

Registered and accredited paternity testing method

The method is registered and certified by the Health Statistics and Medical Technology Agency, code La/MoB 068, and is accredited following the requirements of the LVS ISO 15189:2013 standard.

Anonymous paternity test


If you want an anonymous test, it is not necessary to come to the laboratory for sampling — you can order the sampling kit for paternity DNA testing in our e-shop. After placing the order, we will send you everything you need for sampling. The collected sample must be sent back to the laboratory. There is no extra charge for shipping.

Also, for an additional fee, we accept various non-standard samples (hair with roots, earwax, cigarette buds, etc.). Before taking the sample, please read the frequently asked questions on what samples are accepted and other information. You will receive the results within 5 days following payment and the receipt of samples from all the persons involved in the test.


A trio analysis for the supposed father, mother, and child is usually assigned by the court

If you require a test for resolving legal matters we recommend this test version.

For your information: alimony claims apply as soon as the claim is brought to court. This means that avoiding court-ordered testing will not reduce the total amount of alimony payable; you will also have to pay for the time you avoid undergoing the prescribed examination. (29 August 2007 Ruling of the Senate of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Latvia in case No SKC-556). 

Additional information:

Test results (expert report) and STR genotypes will be stored at SIA GenEra for 10 years after the results are prepared.

If the person involved in the test chooses to receive the test report/STR genotype in person, the result can be received at SIA GenEra during its working hours within 6 months after the test. Once the 6-month period expires, the test result (opinion)/STR genotype is issued for a fee according to the current laboratory price list.

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