• Certified clinical diagnostics laboratory

  • Certified clinical diagnostics laboratory

Q & A abaut the test

When will the test results be available?

Results will be available within 5 business days.

What is needed for the test?

Before the paternity test, all those involved in the testing who are at least 15 years old should read and sign the consent form. You will be asked to show personal identification: for persons over 15 – a passport, for children (0–14 years) – a passport or a birth certificate.

Must all participants arrive together at the laboratory?

A person may come to the laboratory separately unless any of the other persons involved object. If a DNA paternity test as an expert examination has been ordered by a court ruling, such persons shall come to the laboratory on the date and time specified by the court.

What is the minimum age of a child for a test?

A paternity test can be performed at any age, including for newborns. Since the test is based on saliva samples, taking a sample is neither painful nor harmful to the child.

What type of sample is required for the test?

These days hundreds of cells are sufficient to perform the test. Therefore, saliva samples – a swab taken from oral mucosa – are considered the safest and most convenient method. However, testing can also be based on other tissue samples (blood, etc.). If the DNA paternity test is needed for legal reasons, ALL the samples must be obtained on the premises of the GenEra Ltd. laboratory.

In what form will I receive the results?

The laboratory GenEra employs 3 certified private forensic experts specialised in “DNA genotyping of human biological materials”. You will receive an expert opinion (in accordance with Section 11 of the Law on Forensic Experts) that includes:

  • a description of the test, the identities of the persons involved in the test, the methodology of the analysis, the devices and reagents used;
  • a table that compares the DNA profiles of the mother, the child (children), and the alleged father;
  • An expert conclusion:
    in the case of a positive result – the probability (expressed as a percentage) that the man tested is the biological father of the tested child;

    in the case of a negative result – exclusion of the alleged paternity.

How will the test results be reported?

For confidentiality reasons, the laboratory will not provide any information over the phone. The client can choose the most convenient option for receiving the expert opinion – by electronic mail, registered post, or in person at the laboratory. The client can also provide a phone number and consent to contact from laboratory personnel by phone to receive the test results.

Are there any other options?

Anonymous paternity testing or testing of samples that are brought (or sent by post) to the laboratory. Please inform us that you want an anonymous paternity test tel. +371 67425241; +371 262627833 or write: info@genera.lv

The results of anonymous paternity tests are not valid in solving legal disputes!